7 Tips for a Mobile Friendly Website

by Michael Armstrong

Retail Mobile Friendly Website

Retailers Need a Mobile Friendly Website – Is Mobile part of your Retail Marketing Plan?

When planning the development of your retail mobile website, there are a number of important aspects to consider. Each of these considerations has an impact on the way that a retailers mobile website should be built in order to ensure a quality user experience.

What is Different About Mobile Web?

First of all, retail mobile websites are built using the same technology used for traditional websites, however, the devices that interpret and display them are much different. Mobile devices, especially mobile phones, operate on internet connections that aren’t as fast and can’t handle as much data as laptops or PCs. Secondly; mobile devices operate on much less capable hardware than laptops or PCs. This, once again, has an effect on speed. It also means that the software, like web browsers, that is developed for these devices is weaker as well. The third thing that must be considered is screen size. Mobile users need to be able to see the content on your mobile site easily, without worrying about adjusting the zoom or scrolling in all directions.

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Retail Store Mobile Friendly Websites – The Good and the Bad

It may seem like mobile websites are nothing but a list of limitations and deficiencies when compared to traditional sites, but mobile web has distinct advantages in terms of interactivity and location based services. What follows are 7 ways that you can avoid the pitfalls that exist because of these limitations and make the best use of the unique advantages of mobile devices when creating your mobile friendly website.

1. More Navigation – You can’t fit the same amount of information in one place on a mobile site, so you’ve got to make sure that users can easily navigate. Remember, also, that mobile devices are largely operated by touch screens, so you want to make sure that your navigation buttons are large enough to be easily identified and used.

2. Avoid Extravagance – If you want to keep your mobile site moving quickly and smoothly, you’ll want to avoid the use of web content that is code-heavy. The more calculations mobile browsers have to do because of PHP, Flash, and JavaScript, the slower your site is going to load and the more frustrated your users will be.

3. Trim the Fat Off of Your Content – For the same reason that you need to focus on navigation, you need to trim down any extraneous verbiage that you have on your site. Say more by saying less, better.

4. Ditch the Images – Images are large files and they take a long time to load. A lot of somewhat related stock photos might have worked well for your traditional website, but it will only bog down your mobile site.

5. Take Advantage of Mobility – Include features on your site that take advantage of the fact that your users are mobile while browsing. Adding maps and features that utilize GPS (think Foursquare) will greatly enhance user experience.

6. Interact – Get your users involved by adding QR code functionality to your mobile site.

7. Adaptable Design – You don’t want to limit the variety of devices that your mobile website can be used on. Make sure that your design allows your site to adapt to whatever screen size or resolution is used to view it.

Mobile Friendly Sites for Retailers – WordPress Made Easy

If your website uses WordPress then you are in luck. The mobile web experts over at WPTouch  have developed a plug-in that will instantly convert your current site into a mobile friendly version. There’s almost nothing involved besides installation. Head over to their website and see how their plug-in can instantly transform your site into a mobile friendly masterpiece.


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