Marketing Strategies for Retailers – Go Mobile

by Michael Armstrong

Retail Stores Need a Marketing Plan that Includes SMS Mobile

Mobile Marketing Plan for Retail StoresMobile marketing plans for retailers have definitely affected the way that consumers shop. If you are wondering what a successful retail mobile marketing campaign looks like, here is a look at some things that both newcomers to mobile marketing and experts alike can benefit from.

One of the first things retailers should do is launch a website that is optimized for mobile viewing. A regular website is great for desktop, but frustrates mobile users. A retail mobile website should be a place for all mobile users, no matter the platform or device they’re using, to find your business and get to know your brand. A mobile website needs to have easily navigable, pertinent information right at hand for visitors. Hours, store locations, driving directions and phone numbers should all be there. Consider putting all other “extra” information in an app.

Where a mobile website is for the general public to be introduced to you, a mobile app can be for those loyal customers who continue to visit. A retail mobile marketing plan that includes a mobile app provides an extra level of engagement for your customers and gives them additional value that the general public doesn’t get. You might think of an app as a way to give your customers more—provide inside information about products or services, fun extras such as games or videos. A retail mobile app can be your version of a grocer’s loyalty card, giving your loyal customers additional value and deals that aren’t for everyone.

Many shoppers are actually using their mobile device and visiting a retailer’s mobile website while they are physically in the store. They are doing this because they are finding value in it. Utilize this by including in-store marketing in your mobile marketing efforts. In-store signage can be effective at driving more traffic to your mobile website and alerting customers to your mobile app. In-store signage that includes QR codes can also provide a way for you to gain more customers’ cell numbers for SMS marketing and can really drive other mobile marketing campaigns.

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Consumers today are becoming more and more technology savvy. They are navigating easily from one mobile channel to another and using social media seamlessly. Your mobile marketing plan should include social media, and blend it just as seamlessly as you customers are able to use it. Make sure that your customers can move easily from your retail mobile website, to your retail mobile app, to your Facebook page and back again if they desire. For any questions that your customers might have about your mobile app or website, educate your employees about them so that they will be knowledgeable about the mobile marketing strategies you are using.

Mobile utilizes location-based services, and retailers who utilize these services are better able to track their mobile marketing progress and how their strategies are working with their customers. Location-based services can provide you with vital information about your customers, such as how long they were in your store and whether they also visited a competitor. You will also see how many customers scanned your QR codes and how those affected purchasing. This vital information can help you monitor your mobile marketing strategy and make adjustments when needed.

A mobile marketing strategy must not overlook the easiness of SMS messaging. SMS messaging gives you a constant, anytime connection to your customers. Send them product news, update them on important information such as recalls, and send them special offers and mobile coupons.

Mobile marketing for retailers will help you reach your customers and provide them with more value for the dollars they spend in your store. Customers who are engaged in your business and feel valued quickly become loyal customers. Mobile marketing is all about how to find, engage, keep and reward your loyal customers.


Retail Text Message Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Does your Retail Marketing Strategy include Mobile?  All retailers should start to look into retail mobile marketing plans like:

  • Retail SMS Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Retail Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Phone Advertising

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There is very little doubt that mobile marketing is the new future of retail marketing as we know it.  As a retail store owner, you must start to learn more about how these new retail mobile marketing solutions will help your business. 

  • Are you looking into creating a mobile website for your retail store
  • Are you considering how to create mobile apps?
  • Do you think that you can take advantage of retail mobile phone advertising?
  • Do you think that mobile text message marketing is right for your retail store?

Take your retail business plan to the next level and include text marketing strategies!


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