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Tablets are taking Retail Marketing by storm!  Does your retail store have a tablet marketing strategy? 

Just when retailers are getting comfortable with mobile phones and mobile commerce, tablets like iPads and Android Tablets are taking over.  Just review some of the retail shopping habits of tablet owners listed below and you will see the importance of having a retail tablet strategy.

Take special notice of the face that tablet owners are among the top earners and have money to spend so not having a tablet marketing strategy for your retail store isnt really an option.


Tablets and Shopping

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bck_mobile-marketingRetail marketing has come a long way in the last few years.  New retail marketing channels are opening up every day.

I found some intersting new retail marketing news and tweets and posted them below.

Sure the internet changed everything but social media and mobile marketing are taking the lead when it comes to new retail marketing strategies.

  • If you own or run a retail store, you need to think hard about your mobile strategy.
  • If your doing online ecommerce sales you need to make sure you website is mobile optimized.
  •  Could your retail store benefit from a retail app?
  • Are you thinking about a retail text message marketing strategy.
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Retail SMS marketingRetail mobile marketing is the newest trend in marketing and advertising for all businesses, but for retail stores it’s proven to be especially useful and beneficial.  With retail mobile marketing you’re able to send your customers information on new items coming in, or sales on old items going out.

You’re going to be able to invite potential customers in for a discount on their first purchase and much more.  With mobile marketing, your options have no limits and your imagination is your biggest asset.

You don’t have to stress the cost of advertising and changing your ideas, because with mobile marketing it’s quick, easy, and inexpensive.  Continue Reading

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One of the most powerful tools in a retailer’s marketing plan is retail text message marketing. Whether you need a retail SMS marketing strategy or are you looking to improve your existing bulk SMS marketing program, our free SMS mobile marketing training is the tool you need to empower these efforts.

Learn about retail sms marketing, retail mobile apps, mobile websites for retail stores, retail mobile marketing strategies, find the best retail marketing companies, and take your retail business plan to the next level.

Text message marketing for retailers can help you ramp up sales on a down day, move stale inventory or promote new items and in-store events. Continue Reading

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