Mobile Retail Marketing Trends

by Michael Armstrong

Retail SMS marketingRetail mobile marketing is the newest trend in marketing and advertising for all businesses, but for retail stores it’s proven to be especially useful and beneficial.  With retail mobile marketing you’re able to send your customers information on new items coming in, or sales on old items going out.

You’re going to be able to invite potential customers in for a discount on their first purchase and much more.  With mobile marketing, your options have no limits and your imagination is your biggest asset.

You don’t have to stress the cost of advertising and changing your ideas, because with mobile marketing it’s quick, easy, and inexpensive.  You have nothing to lose and you’re going to love what you gain!

Why are Retailers Going Mobile with SMS Marketing Strategies & Mobile Coupons

Retail SMS marketing allows you to text your customers, potential customers, and past customers in real time and give them updates on your merchandise.   If you’re having a sale today and it’s not going quite as planned, with your bulk SMS marketing for retailers plan you’re going to be able to contact every person in your list all at one time and invite them into your store today for the great event you have going on.  You could logically run a different special every day and target a different group of customers each day.

You have the ability to reach out to all of your potential customers so quickly and so easily that there’s no reason not to give it a try.  Retail mobile marketing has the ability to change the way you do business, and certainly has the power to change the way you advertise for your business.  Make the change for you, make the change for your business, and most of all, make the change for your future!

Best SMS Marketing Companies for Retailers (Free Sign Up Links)

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Retail Text Marketing Free Trial

Mobile Websites for Retail Stores

Retail marketing has a great new trend that isn’t limited to mobile text marketing.  Mobile websites are one of retailers greatest asset in 2012.  With mobile websites you’re able to send out bulk text messages to your customers and inform them of your sale BUT inside that text message you’re going to include a QR code and that code will link back to your mobile website and will display all of your sale items all at once.   Your customers will have the freedom to shop online from their cell phones, and buy everything you have on sale in very little time.   Everyone is busy in the current age, and mobile websites make shopping more fun and less stressful.

Retail mobile coupon

Retail Mobile Coupon Marketing

Mobile coupons take you up even farther on the scare of convenience for consumers.  With mobile coupons you’re going to be able to reach out to your customers and invite them into your store or onto your mobile website – while offering them a discount.  You’re going to be able to set the standards and make the allowances and choose how you want to advertise or how you want the sale to be presented.

It’s all up to you and your personal strategy for your mobile marketing.  YOU have the power to choose how you advertise, how you invite, and how you bring in new customers.  You have the ability to change your store’s future, and you need to take that first step today.

Get your Retail Mobile Marketing Strategy Started!

Mobile marketing companies have all of the experience that you need to build your mobile marketing strategy and to keep your retail store moving forward.   Have a look at some of these mobile marketing companies today to ensure that your store can stay open for tomorrow.



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