Mobile Retail Marketing Trends

by Michael Armstrong

Retail Marketing Trends – Mobile Phone Marketing, Apps, SMS

Retail Mobile Phone MarketingMobile technology has changed the way that retailers do business and interact with customers. This is because mobile technology has changed the way that we go about our daily lives. Mobile phones and tablets have created a world in which customers no longer need to be in one place to do their jobs, talk with their family, friends, and loved ones, or access the internet.

Retailers Need SMS Mobile Marketing to Keep Up

In a world where traditional advertising may completely miss its target, falling behind the fast-paced, on-the-move lifestyle that mobility affords us, retailers are turning to mobile marketing in order to keep up. Customers have their mobile phones on their person at all times. They don’t go anywhere without them, and they check them constantly. Reaching customers through their mobile phones is not simply the best option, but often, the only option.

Mobile Marketing for Retailers is a Young Strategy

Mobile marketing itself is young and new. It is constantly evolving and changing because retailers at large haven’t yet determined what works and what doesn’t work. Best-practices have yet to be established. With this in mind, it is important to keep on top of the latest trends. Here are a few of the latest ones.

Trending in Retail Mobile Marketing: Personalized Text Marketing

The information that customers provide when they register for opt-in lists is allowing retailers to cater to personal needs and interests with individualized offers and information. Members of opt-in lists are a retailer’s core group of loyal customers, and they must be treated as such. Personalized coupons and early notice about specials and sales are just a few of the ways that retailers are using SMS text message marketing to engage and interact with their core customers to ensure continued loyalty and support.

Trending in Retail Mobile Marketing: Location Based Services

By taking advantage of GPS tracking and QR codes, more and more retailers are employing location based services to attract customers who are in a prime position to make a purchase. For instance, using GPS to locate members of an opt-in list who are near stores can allow retailers to send them coupons that will encourage them to stop by. Including QR codes within and around stores can provide customers with specials, coupons, and information that will persuade them to make a purchase in an interactive way.

Trending in Retail Mobile Marketing: Websites > Apps

Because of their speed and flexibility, mobile websites are growing at a much faster rate than apps. Customers care whether a retailer is accessible online much more than they care about downloading their app. If you’re going to go with one or the other, go with a mobile website. If you’re going to go with both, get the website first.

Retail Mobile Marketing Providers

There are a slew of qualified providers out there, and the number is growing each day as the market itself grows. However, there is one that stands above the rest, for both quality of service, and the sheer number of services offered – Trumpia. Head over to their website today and check out the variety of features and packages they offer. You won’t be disappointed.


Retail SMS Text Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Does your Retail Business Plan include Mobile?  All retailers need to look into retail business plans including:

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There is no doubt that mobile phone marketing is the new future of retail marketing.  As a retail store owner, you must start to learn more about how these new retail mobile marketing trends will help your business. 

  • Are you looking into retail mobile website design
  • Are you considering how to build mobile apps?
  • Do you think that you can benefit from retail mobile advertising?
  • Do you belive that SMS marketing services is right for your retail store?

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