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by Michael Armstrong

bck_mobile-marketingRetail marketing has come a long way in the last few years.  New retail marketing channels are opening up every day.

I found some intersting new retail marketing news and tweets and posted them below.

Sure the internet changed everything but social media and mobile marketing are taking the lead when it comes to new retail marketing strategies.

  • If you own or run a retail store, you need to think hard about your mobile strategy.
  • If your doing online ecommerce sales you need to make sure you website is mobile optimized.
  •  Could your retail store benefit from a retail app?
  • Are you thinking about a retail text message marketing strategy.

I know, this is a lot to consider but you must understand that moble is only going to get more important.  At some point your going to have to impliment a mobile strategy!

Here are some recent retail mobile marketing news stories I thought you’d like.


Texting, The Great Untapped Business Resource – Fast Company

Fast Company Texting, The Great Untapped Business Resource Fast Company – While mobile and Internet technologies evolve at lightning speed, text messaging has barely changed in more than a decade–and the lost potential for businesses is huge. Text messag …

There is indeed a right and a wrong time to send text messages as part of your retail texting campaign.

When is the best time to send a text message? – Luxury Daily

Send messaging out at the times most impactful to those in each local market. Especially for television shows, retail sales and time-sensitive offers. – Breaking news Drive in-store weekend foot traffic: Thursdays are popular dates to send text messages with strong response rates and Fridays between 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. have shown great success for retailers such as Charlotte Russe. – Support upcoming events: Send out a couple reminders spaced out including on the

Take notice of the larger retailers and what they are doing with mobile, then implement your own strategy!

Express raises the bar for mobile through multifaceted campaign

Express is tying QR codes, SMS, social media and mobile Web together to bolster engagement and sales for NBC’s “Fashion Star” television show. “As the weekly styles we purchase on Fashion Star are available online, we want to ensure that our customer watching at home or shopping in-store has quick access to the product description, multiple images and behind-the-scenes content,” said Eric Gohs, director of digital marketing at Express, Columbus, OH.

If you want to start a retail text message marketing campaign, you need to know the rules!

SMS Marketing – The Eight Golden Rules | Business 2 Community

SMS Marketing is fast becoming one the most essential and cost effective ways of marketing your brand, product or service. It does however for many marketers. Brian is the MD and Co-Founder at the mobile marketing companies Zinmobi and Text Republic. Zinmobi provide retail groups with intelligent mobile marketing software that helps nurture and convert new customers while maximising sales from existing ones…. View full profile. This article originally

Again, more examples of how SMS Text Marketing Drives Retail Sales!

Retailers Driving Foot Traffic, and Sales, With Interactive SMS

Retailers are arming themselves with a new weapon to increase foot traffic, and ultimately sales, in their stores – interactive in-store SMS marketing. SMS (text messaging) has quickly become ubiquitous as all mobile phones

This is GREAT news for any retailer considering text message marketing.  

FTC Goes After Text-Message Spammers – Dark Reading

FTC Goes After Text-Message Spammers Dark Reading – The text messages claimed to offer free gifts or $1,000 gift cards for Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and other retail chains. … Pillsbury, Jan-Paul Diaz, Joshua Brewer, and Daniel Stanitski; Rentbro, Inc …

Retail Text Message Marketing Tweets



How can I optimise my email marketing campaigns for mobile devices? #retail

Monday, March 18, 2013 10:07:14 PM


In retail marketing or in a capital campaign, need to find a way to set yourself apart. #mndogooders

Monday, March 18, 2013 6:07:03 PM


Kellogg’s preps its first-ever mobile virtual store via Marketing Week On what will success of online retail depend?

Monday, March 18, 2013 7:04:04 PM


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