Retail Mobile Websites Beat out Retail Mobile Apps

by Michael Armstrong

Does your Retail Store Need a Mobile Website or Mobile App – Do you have a Retail Mobile Marketing Plan

Retail Apps WebsitesWhen it comes to mobile marketing, there are three main avenues to take: mobile websites, text message marketing, and mobile applications. Generally, mobile applications and mobile websites are very similar in terms of design and application. However, when it comes to retail stores, recent studies have revealed a marked difference between the effectiveness of mobile websites and apps. It is clear that, for retailers, the way to go is mobile websites, not applications.

First, take a look at a few facts that demonstrate this imbalance. Next, we’ll look at some explanations for why this might be.

The Facts about Mobile Websites and Apps for Retailers

The Gender Split – while mobile websites outperform mobile apps overall, there is a slightly higher chance that men will take advantage of mobile applications.

The Browsing Factor – within an app, users can only look at the products offered by that particular retail store, but with a website, they are free to jump from place to place and browse the entire web. In general, more time is spent by customers when they use a mobile app, but more customers use mobile websites.

The Speed Factor – mobile websites are instantly available to anyone, but mobile apps require an initial download time.

Why Retail Mobile Websites are More Popular than Retail Mobile Apps

Although definite answers haven’t yet been decided upon by experts, the majority agree that it has to do with the last two points above. Let’s take a look.

The Browsing Factor – when customers are shopping around, they don’t want to be stuck in one retailer’s mobile store. They want to look around at various products and the different reviews and prices available on a wide variety of sites.

The Speed Factor – it’s true that apps are generally faster than mobile websites; however, in the case of one-time or first-time customers who aren’t sure whether they will be purchasing from a retailer again in the future, a mobile website is much more convenient than a mobile app, which they will have to wait to download.

However, one of the largest factors that many experts identified was the fact that many retailers failed to successfully implement apps. Why would customers choose an app when it is nothing more than a clone of the website? With this in mind, we look now at two companies who will ensure that your retail store’s mobile app doesn’t make these same mistakes.

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Mobile Apps for Retailers – How to Make it Worth Your Money

When it comes to the top developers in mobile applications (the right kind of mobile applications) there are two names that come to mind: Shoutem and You Build Apps. Don’t waste your time with generalist companies who offer mobile marketing services. Shoutem and You Build Apps each focus specifically on mobile applications. They know what makes them unique, and they will not provide you with a useless clone of your current mobile website. Head over to their sites and see what they can do to set your retail mobile app apart from the rest of the pack.


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There is very little doubt that mobile marketing is the new future of retail marketing.  As a retail store owner, you need to start to learn more about how these new retail mobile marketing trends will help your business.

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