Retail SMS Marketing Training Course Free

by Michael Armstrong

Retail SMS Marketing Training Course Free

Learn about our free retail SMS mobile text marketing training!

One of the most powerful tools in a retailer’s marketing plan is retail text message marketing. Whether you need a retail SMS marketing strategy or are you looking to improve your existing bulk SMS marketing program, our free SMS mobile marketing training is the tool you need to empower these efforts.

Learn about retail sms marketing, retail mobile apps, mobile websites for retail stores, retail mobile marketing strategies, find the best retail marketing companies, and take your retail business plan to the next level.

Text message marketing for retailers can help you ramp up sales on a down day, move stale inventory or promote new items and in-store events. SMS marketing companies charge a fortune to develop mobile text marketing strategies – avoid the cost and enjoy the fruits of retail text message marketing by taking our free training course on retail mobile marketing.


This free training on retail mobile marketing will show you step-by-step how to develop successful strategies for text message marketing for retailers – including where to download free SMS marketing software to set up your own text message marketing service.

What does the retail text message marketing course cover?

Simply put this free course on retail mobile marketing covers all aspects of mobile text marketing from how to select mobile text marketing software, how to decide whether to work with SMS marketing companies, how to set up your bulk SMS marketing program, how to write effective retail SMS marketing messages and how to make the most of your text message marketing service.

You will also get information on mobile websites, mobile apps, mobile marketing strategies, tips on where to find low or no-cost mobile text marketing software and much more.

What do I get with the retail text message marketing training?

You’ll get training videos, ebooks and email support. Our course on mobile marketing and text message marketing for retailers includes all of this – for absolutely free:

Training Video I – Retail SMS Marketing

Retail SMS Marketing Training This video course teaches you all aspects of mobile text marketing including where to get free SMS marketing software – strategies to write effective bulk SMS marketing messages – tips used by highly respected SMS marketing companies – and everything you need to know to make the most of your text message marketing service.

Training Video II – Mobile Websites for Retailers

Retail Mobile Website Training Course This video course teaches you why your business needs a mobile website, how to design one for yourself and how to integrate your mobile text marketing strategy with your mobile website – this includes tips to select mobile text marketing software that will seamlessly integrate with your mobile website platform.

Training Video III – Mobile Apps for Retailers

Retail Mobile App Training Course This video course teaches you how mobile apps can be integrated with your mobile web strategy including your mobile text marketing campaigns – mobile apps are growing rapidly and can expand your brand recognition measurably – learn how mobile apps that inform or entertain can make or break your retail mobile marketing strategy.

Training Ebook I – Retail Text Message Marketing

This handbook will give you step-by-step instructions to develop winning bulk SMS marketing campaigns – how to make the most of your text message marketing service by choosing SMS marketing software, crafting effective offers for retail SMS marketing, when it’s worth it to work with SMS marketing companies and how to find the best and most affordable SMS marketing companies.

Training Ebook II – Retail Mobile Websites

This handbook gives detailed information on why your retail establishment needs a mobile website, how it is the foundation of your retail mobile marketing strategy and how to develop one that can drive your bulk SMS marketing program and work seamlessly with your SMS marketing software.

Email Support and Coaching

Throughout your training on text message marketing for retailers, you will receive periodic emails to keep you moving in the right direction, provide bonus information on retail SMS marketing tactics, links to download free mobile text marketing software and to keep you motivated as you learn how to establish your text message marketing service.

An Invitation to Enroll for Free Training on Text Message Marketing for Retailers

For a limited time, retail business owners can take our free course on SMS marketing. Software links for free downloads for mobile text marketing software are also included for free. Sign up now for this no-risk training on text marketing for retailers – you’re invited!


Retail Text Message Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Does your Retail Marketing Strategy include Mobile?  All retailers need to implement retail business plans such as:

  • SMS Text Marketing
  • Mobile Phone Apps
  • Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

There are a large number of mobile marketing companies for retailers, but before you decide on a retail business plan, Sign up for our FREE mobile marketing training course below.

There is no doubt that mobile phone marketing is the new future of retail marketing.  As a retail store owner, you need to start to learn more about how these new retail mobile marketing solutions will help your business. 

  • Are you looking into retail mobile website development
  • Are you considering how to build mobile apps?
  • Do you think that you can benefit from advertising on mobile phones?
  • Do you belive that retail SMS marketing software is right for your retail store?

Take your retail business plan to the next level and include text marketing strategies!


Take advantage of our FREE RETAIL MOBILE MARKETING TRAINING VIDEOS and Sign up Below!

 Free Retail Text Marketing Training Course

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