Retail SMS QR Code Marketing Campaigns

by Michael Armstrong

Retail SMS QR Code Marketing Campaigns

Retail Stores are using SMS Marketing & QR Codes to Boost their Marketing Plans

Retail SMS mobile marketing campaigns help you set up your retail mobile marketing plan to ensure that your business is able to succeed in the fastest and cheapest ways possible. With retail mobile marketing campaigns you’re going to have all of the mobile marketing services available to you that you may need to get your business back on track! Don’t stress the economy any longer, work more successfully with retail mobile marketing and bring in the business that you need and turn your business around. Mobile marketing may be a growing trend but it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Most retailers are utilizing the benefits of SMS mobile marketing and if you’re not then you’re already losing out.

Retail SMS marketing or text message marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to advertise your business to your public and keep them informed of new events, specials and sales. With a retail marketing plan you are going to be able to set up the specifications that you want and advertise the way you see fit. You’re going to be able to utilize mobile coupon marketing with your SMS marketing software. There are many options and available ideas that will help you to take care of your retail store the way you want and not the way others may see fit. Through mobile marketing you have control of your business and of your business plan.

Retail mobile coupon marketing is one of the greatest ways to continue bringing new people into your store and it will help you keep the customers that you already have. Retail mobile coupon marketing allows you to design and develop mobile coupons and use mass SMS marketing to send out bulk text messages with mobile coupons attached. With the ability you are able to send out mobile coupons to your customers and bring them in for ‘short term’ specials that require the coupon code. You can send your coupons with QR codes that will also allow your customers to go to your mobile website and browse your merchandise prior to coming into the store. You have full control of the way you choose to develop mobile coupons, what percentages you want to take off and what items you put on sale. You will be able to send out these mobile coupons in real time to reach your customer base right now, not later!

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Retail SMS mobile marketing campaigns also utilize QR codes a lot and for many different reasons. QR codes resemble bar codes in appearance but they hold a ton more information than a bar code does. With a QR code you are able to use text message marketing to send out a bulk of information in a small amount of space. Once the QR code is clicked then your customers are going to be re-routed to your website or a special event flyer or whatever else you choose to send them to. QR code marketing is as popular as it is because they’re so easy to build and super fast to transmit!

Retail SMS marketing campaigns are a huge help to all types of retail stores. Because you have the ability to choose your own mobile marketing strategy, you have control of your business once again and you have the ability to make it succeed. If you still haven’t started building your mobile marketing plan you need to go now and see how helpful it will be for you and your retail store!


Retail SMS Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Does your Retail Business Plan include Mobile?  All retailers need to look into retail business plans like:

  • Retail Mobile Text Marketing
  • Mobile Phone Apps
  • Retail Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Phone Advertising

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There is no doubt that mobile marketing is the new future of retail marketing as we know it.  As a retail store owner, you must start to learn more about how these new retail mobile marketing strategies will help your business. 

  • Are you looking into creating a mobile website for your retail store
  • Are you considering mobile app development for your retail store?
  • Do you belive that you can take advantage of retail mobile advertising?
  • Do you belive that retail SMS marketing software is right for your retail store?

Take your retail marketing plan to the next level and include text marketing strategies!


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