SMS Text Message Marketing for Retail Stores

by Michael Armstrong

SMS Text Message Marketing for Retail Stores

Retailers Need a Mobile Marketing Plan that Includes SMS Marketing Strategies

Marketing for retail stores is evolving as the use of mobile devices grows. Over 90% of the U.S. population now owns a mobile device, including smartphones and tablets. But it is interesting to note that according to The Nielsen Company, half of those are basic feature phones. This is why retail text message marketing is taking off; owners of basic feature phones can still send and receive text messages even if they cannot scan QR codes or visit mobile websites.

Retail Text message marketing appeals to all owners of mobile devices and is the most popular mobile text marketing strategy. Retail mobile marketing is a perfect opportunity to connect with your customers quickly and easily, in a way which appeals to them. SMS marketing has the potential to increase traffic almost immediately. For example, a Jack’s Surfboards shop in southern California recently used retail SMS marketing to increase their business. Jack’s Surfboards in Corona Del Mar utilized both SMS and MMS messaging to advertise a special store event. Jack’s sells the popular Tom’s brand of shoes, and had scheduled an artist to customize every pair of Tom’s sold during a one-day event. Jack’s Surfboards sent out over 4,000 text messages and over 8,000 emails about the event. During the 5-hour Tom’s event, they sold over 140 pairs of shoes.

Throughout all of the Jack’s Surfboards shops, five similar mobile marketing campaigns were conducted in about one month. For a cost of only $215, the shops sent out a combined total of over 50,000 emails and 13,000 SMS messages. This is a good example of how affordable an SMS messaging campaign can be, and another good illustrator of why retail SMS marketing is growing. It’s fast, easy, and incredibly affordable.

As shown by the Jack’s Surfboards example, SMS marketing can increase your traffic and turn a slow day into a rush day within a few hours’ time. SMS marketing has been used to send out spontaneous offers, discounts and coupons with a specific time limit—TODAY ONLY, for example—to increase traffic on a particularly slow day. This works great for all types of retail stores.

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Because of the instantaneous nature of SMS text message marketing, customers can be reached in real time. Studies show that over 90% of text messages are opened by the recipient within 4 minutes. Any retail business wanting to get word out quickly about promotions, last minute sales or new products will see great results from utilizing SMS test message marketing.

SMS text messaging also allows retail stores to get customer feedback in a fast, efficient manner. Rather than asking a customer to respond to a survey by calling a number on the bottom of their sales receipt, why not text them with a poll question about their shopping experience as they leave the store? It’s easy and convenient for your customer, and doesn’t require them to stop what they are doing to make a phone call.

Retail mobile marketing is predicted to become more and more personal in the future. Emarketer says that future customers will be able to receive promotions and special offers based upon their purchase history, as well as on what things they are currently interested in. With the continued growth of mobile device usage, the future of retail text message marketing looks bright.

Be part of the bright future of retail SMS marketing with Tatango. Tatango offers great SMS messaging software that is easy to use and convenient to try. With their no-obligation, free 7-day trial, Tatango gives retailers the perfect opportunity to put SMS marketing into action.


Retail SMS Text Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Does your Retail Business Plan include Mobile?  All retailers should start to implement retail mobile marketing plans like:

  • Retail Text Message Marketing
  • Mobile Phone Apps
  • Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

There are a variety of of SMS marketing companies, however before you decide on a retail SMS marketing plan, Sign up for our FREE mobile marketing training course below.

There is no doubt that mobile phone marketing is the new future of retail marketing.  As a retail store owner, you must start to learn more about how these new retail mobile marketing tools will help your business. 

  • Are you looking into retail mobile website development
  • Are you considering how to create mobile apps?
  • Do you belive that you can take advantage of retail mobile phone advertising?
  • Do you belive that builk SMS marketing is right for your retail store?

Take your retail business plan to the next level and include text marketing strategies!


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